I'm Filmbagger, and I intend to watch every film ever made and then write about them.

Every post on the site fits into a category. These categories are:

  • Review: Just a plain old review of a movie
  • Marathon: Every film in a franchise or series
  • Round-Up: A collection of somewhat-related films
  • In Defense Of: An attempt to explain why a universally hated movie is actually good
  • In Critique Of: An attempt to explain why a universally beloved movie is actually shit
  • Analysis: An in-depth look at a film, going beyond the scope of a regular review, which I'm totally unqualified to write.
  • Rant: Me rambling about something movie-related.

This site is still in its infancy, but it will grow as I continue on my task of watching every film ever made.

The site is generated using Jekyll and is, at least in part, an excuse to familiarize myself with that technology.